Wildcat Ski Lodge

Wildcat Mountain: Ski the Mount Washington Valley

 Wildcat Mountain is one of the must-ski mountains in New Hampshire.  Positioned directly across from Mount Washington in the Pinkham Notch,  this mountain’s views are spectacular.  Skiers have the use of four lifts and a magic carpet for beginners;  although I’ve never thought of Wildcat as a beginner mountain.  

Being in the shadow of Mt Washington often brings a brisk winter wind, and Wildcat was already colder than some of the other more sheltered ski mountains in the area. But besides Cannon, none of the mountains quite possess the thrill that Wildcat does.

Wildcat GondolaWhen I think of Wildcat, I think of the giant slalom runs of my youth, racing my friends to the bottom, and riding back up in the 2-man gondola. That gondola has since been replaced by a high-speed quad as Wildcat has expanded with a lot more snow making and glade skiing. 

Without any lodging, Wildcat still has that old- fashioned ski area charm – much like Mad River Glen in VT – with a friendly group of skiers and riders who don’t need the elegance and pampering of a full-on resort. I like the low-key nature of this mountain. As a teen, I remember running into local celebrities escaping the crowds. I even raced a local meteorologist who shares my last name! I’m sure he still tells all his friends how he beat me! Ha ha ha!