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Zest for Life is all about making the most of the great adventure we call life. We strive to inspire the adventurer in everyone and to take on their passions, whatever they might be. What is it about Zest for Life that makes us unique? We have products for skiing, mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, beach-going, camping, boating, motorcycling, and the list keeps on growing. Check back frequently for awesome new gear.

At the heart of Zest for Life is Ken Burbank, a true adventurer and action sports enthusiast. When he’s not developing the next awesome Zest product, he is either skiing, biking, surfing (see above photo), drawing, or building something cool. Not only are Ken’s passions inspiring, he has a personality to match. Always smiling with a great story to tell, he is bound to get you thinking, make you laugh, or both. Ken’s talents and passion drove him to want to inspire others to pursue their own, too. Thus, we have a site dedicated to doing just that.

Check out some great adventures here, and check out the cool products we have that will aid you in your journey of fun.

If you’re somewhere in the world of social media, you can find us there, too, so we can communicate about more fun stuff.

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