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The beach is natures amusement park and every day brings opportunity for fun. Having the right equipment for what mother nature brings you is what we are about. Whether it be sunny and calm seas or huge surf waves we have you covered to make the most of a day by the shore. Know before you go by checking the tides, winds and sea conditions to be sure you are bringing the right toys to the beach. Check your beach forecast here for locations all over the world. The founders of Zest For Life were raised on the ocean and know how to enjoy what it has to offer in all 4 seasons so let us help you to get the most out of your shoreside experience. The ocean is a playground for the young at heart and if you let it can zest the life back into bodies of all ages. whether it be boogie boarding in small waves or snorkeling around some rocks looking for fish remember the sands of the beach lead to the water and that should be why you are there. Having the right equipment is key to enjoying the beach. In the summer, sunscreen a hat an umbrella and beach blanket with your bathing suit may be all you need. For the true coast water lover, a wetsuit can extend the fun all year round. All year round maybe too extreme for some but a 3/2 or a shorty can really extend your comfort so you can extend your season well beyond the crowds of summer. Fishing from the beach is best done at dusk or dawn or at night, fish do not have eyelids. Many fishermen in boats try to get close to shore to catch the fish hiding in the rocks while at the same time the fisherman from the shore is trying to cast his line out as far as he can. I personally have caught huge striped bass only feet from shore and have hand fed them in less than 3 feet of water. Two of the things that fish do are eat and keep from being eaten, so finding structure, a place for fish to hide like rocks is always a good place to fish. Dusk and dawn bring the longest shadows and shadows are another place fish love to hide from being eaten, knowing this and thinking like a fish will help to increase your catch. Of course sitting in the sun at the beach is the most common activity and we here at zest for life have a large selection of beach blankets many of which have loops on the corners to make it easy to stake out your turf in the wind.  Check out the world’s best beaches here.  

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