Beach Spread Tapestries

A palm tree frames the calm ocean waves as a tapestry floats above. BEAUTIFUL ART TO HANG ON YOUR WALL AND LAY ON THE SAND.

We love the beach, and having your beach blanket or towel blow away while you are swimming is no fun. Having a wee little beach cover is no fun either. That is why our tapestries are so great at the beach. They are wind resistant. Each tapestry has corner loops that you can use to stake down the tapestry when windy or tie up to make a sun canopy. The material is fast-drying so you can drape it over yourself as a sun cover. Tapestries have many uses other than the beach. Hang them on your wall or use them as tablecloths at a picnic table.

All of our tapestries are equipped with corner loops for easy beach-staking.

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