Upholstery Fabric Paint

Upholstery Fabric Spray
Fabric Spray Paint for upholstery furniture cusions


Bring your furniture back to life with upholstery fabric paints.

Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint by Simply Spray® is a non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol paint for use on absorbent materials. Once applied, the paint gets absorbed by the fabric and does not change the feel or flexibility of it.  The paint dries softly. It is a paint but it acts more like a stain or a dye. The color of the paint is fast-drying, permanent, and will not rub off once it is dry (which takes a suggested 72 hours). For best results, first check how absorbent the material you wish to spray is by testing a small area with water.  If the water beads up then the upholstery paint will not work well. You would want to then use the Outdoor Paint.  Outdoor Paint is waterproof and works on more fabrics but it does not dry softly like regular upholstery paint does. Before painting, read the step by step instructions, make sure the material is clean, dry and free of oils, waterproofing, stain resisters, and dirt before painting.

Our upholstery fabric paint formula has a UV blocker to help prevent fading from the sun. It is perfect for your soft fabric cushions, car interiors, auto carpets, office cubical partitions, patio furniture, sofas, chairs, couches, recliners, office furniture, draperies or any absorbent materials. It does not work on fabrics that have had stair resisters or waterproofing put on them. If you have any questions about if this paint will work on your project please contact us and we are glad to help you.

Available colors of upholstery fabric paint spray are Saddle Brown, Periwinkle Blue, Charcoal Grey, Midnight Black, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Bright Red, Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, Hot Lime Green, Plum Purple, Caribbean Blue, Coral Peach, Sage Green, Lavender, and Camel Brown.

If you have any questions about using upholstery fabric spray paint please do not hesitate to ask us.  This is a specialty paint for upholstery fabric.  It works where other paints do not but does not work on all substrates.  Please contact us if you have concerns about the suitability of this paint for your project.


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