Mountain Fun

Mountain fun to me is very much like the ocean, big horizon fresh clean air and big thrills. We here at zest for life have been lucky enough to spend lots of time in the mountains of New Hampshire as children hiking and skiing and now as adults we explore the fun of mountains all over the world. Skiing snowboarding cross country and telemark skiing as well as hiking , cross country and downhill biking. That gives us a chance to enjoy breathtaking views while getting the adrenaline rush we crave. This gives us the opportunity to test a wide range of outdoor gear , we are on the lookout for demo days all over as an excuse to play with the latest toys and gear. Our zest for life extreme fun team is comprised of novice to expert members with backgrounds ranging from motocross to rock climbing and we are looking to expand our interests every day. Our hope is that by knowing the needs of all ability's we can provide equipment and reviews that will work for the full range of enthusiasts of a large range of activities. Mountain fun is fun for the whole family and this can mean different ability's equipment that works for a seasoned vet may not be forgiving enough for a beginner . Also we here at Zest for Life are firm believers in safety equipment and wearing it, it will not help you if you leave it in the truck. Safety equipment can also save the day keeping a small bobble from ruining a day weekend or season . The mountains can be relaxing and beautiful and fun for all ages The best way to get started is hiking. A walk in the woods can be as long as you feel comfortable and a stop at a rocky brook on a hot summers day might just be that first memory that will keep them coming back looking for more for a lifetime.

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