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Air Mattress Cover

Air Mattress covers for music festival camping tapestry art queen sized 100% cotton psychedelic art Sunshine Joy

Cotton Air Mattress Covers


Covers your mattress at festivals with psychedelic art.

Why air mattress covers? When camping at festivals air mattresses are a key for a good night sleep.  As comfortable as they are they vinyl tends to get sweaty and your face sticks to it.  Traditional fitted sheets just end up popping off.  Developed from years of attending music festivals these mattress covers are a fitted box bag with a colorful tapestry art top.  It generously fits a queen sized air mattress with room to spare.  100% cotton and completely washable.  This is the item you need for your summer road trip adventures.  We suggest you put the air mattress inside the bag before inflating and then blow it up inside the bag.  The colorful psychedelic art will enhance your enjoyment.  It will be a hit at Bonnaroo, Mountain Jam, High Sierra, Peach Fest or at your favorite campground or friend’s floor. Find your favorite music festival here.  Your friends will be impressed with how cool your bedding is you know that your tent is your home on the road and having a cool nest to hang out, lay down and chill out is important.  Everyone is going to want to sleep with you on your bright colorful big mattress.  Imagine the cuddle puddle you could have.

It also works as a futon cover.  Decorate your living room or guest bedroom with a sheet that will not pop off.  This is a really good way to brighten up your room, an easy home decorating futon cover really makes your space more welcoming.  There are no zippers or velcro.  We opted for a big flap to prevent nocturnal injuries.

If you camp at festivals or just have an air bed in your guest room this is the product for you.  Wake up with Zest for Life air mattress covers.




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