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Diving for Lobster for Fun

On this hot day in July, a friend of mine asked me to take her 12-year-old son, Joe, free diving.  I had already made plans with Peter, the grumpiest old fisherman in the neighborhood; so after an equipment  upgrade and a pep talk about the ornery captain who we were accompanying, we were on our way. Before we even left the dock, Peter, our 66 year old captain, was griping about the sand on Joe’s fins which were making a mess of his old and worn New England fishing boat.  As we steamed to a fish tank-like dive spot, Joe’s eyes were sparkling with excitement even as the captain continued to find issues with not only Joe, but it seemed every other vessel on the water. It was not long before we dropped anchor and prepared to enter the water.  

We were all kids again, just some with more experience than others.  Peter loved showing Joe tricks he’d learned over the years, like how to spear a fish without ruining the filet or how to pull a New England lobster out of a cave with one breath.  The video below shows Joe swimming in the red suit and Peter diving down and grabbing the lobster with its claws out in full defense mode from a dug out cave.  I know you’re wondering why he released it – well in Massachusetts we release the bugs that are twice the size of the gauge used for measurement so they can reproduce.

One thing I brought back from this trip that is at the core of Zest for Life is that you should share the fun!

Surfing the Leftovers…

 coming in from a fun session

coming in from a fun session

On a warm day in December…                      

Most often surfing in New England starts out big with victory at sea conditions, but you go because many times it is flat the next morning, this was the last of three days of waves.
Early in the morning, my neighbor, Mark, saw me loading my board in my truck. He had missed the previous days of swell and was chomping at the bit for some action. We drove to our favorite spot only to find it empty with chest high waves peeling down the coast and perfect glass. As I remember, the water was the same temperature as the air, mid 50’s, and we were both testing the limits of our 3/2 wet suits, but luckily the sun was out making it a very pleasant day. We surfed for 3 hrs, just the 2 of us, often splitting the peak or yelling “Yea, yea!” as the other flew down the line.
As the tide came in, the waves died and the wind came up making it a clear decision that our session was over. Both of us were lucky as we rode a good wave all the way in to the rocky shore. A friend recently sent me this photo and it brought back great memories of that day and the ones before it. Now, I look forward to the ones to come.

Diver Down Flag Tapestry Picnic

Last night we had a post-swim feast atop the Diver Down Flag Tapestry. Lobster, corn on the cob, potato chips, and fruit was just what we needed after a rigorous day of diving and beach fun.

Diver Down Flag Tapestry Tablecloth

Our Diver Down Flag Tapestry being used as a tablecloth for last night’s lobster dinner.

This is what I love about the dive flag tapestry. You can fly it on the boat while you’re on the ocean, and then you can throw it on a table as authentically nautical decor.

Diver Down Flag Tapestry Tablecloth

And what’s super great is that it’s machine-washable, so the next time you fly it, it’ll be looking good as new, even after feasting on it.

To top off the evening, the clouds decided to be extra beautiful as the sun was setting. We can’t wait for the next dive day.

Diver Down Flag Tapestry Sunset Dinner

Check out the Diver Down Flag Tapestry right here at Zest for Life.