Use Fabric Spray Paint on Patio Cushions

Ken BurbankIn this video, Ken Burbank, Fun Manager of  Zest for Life, Inc, demonstrates how to use fabric spray paint on patio cushions. You’ll learn about the unique qualities of this paint as Ken walks you through the steps of spray painting a faded patio cushion. See how to test your project’s material for absorbency before painting your project, how to hold the can, and how to apply the paint using various techniques.

Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint is nontoxic, non-flammable, and safe for everyone to use. For more information and to buy Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint for your own projects, visit www.FabricSprayPaint.

Do you want to change the color of your furniture? Use Fabric Spray Paint on patio cushions, couches, sofas, car interiors, boat cushions, carpet, and more to easily bring your furniture back to life.

Tips for Using Fabric Spray Paint on Patio CushionsFabric Spray Paint on Patio Cushions

  • Before purchasing, test the material you wish to paint with water. If it soaks in, the paint will most likely work on your project.
  • Be sure to read all the instructions that come with your can. This is not ordinary paint, and it it important to know the intricacies of working with it.
  • Only open one can at a time. will not accept returns of opened cans.
  • Test the paint color on a hidden area of your project and let it dry completely (72 hours) before spraying the whole thing.
  • Shake LIGHTLY. Unlike regular spray paint, this paint does not need to be shaken vigorously (ignore what it says on the can).
  • Spray in light coats. Less is more. It may look like your first coat isn’t looking good, but over time the paint will fully soak in and bring out the color. Several coats look better than one heavy coat.
  • Pull the trigger back all the way. This will avoid sputtering.
  • Keep the can upright while spraying. This will also avoid sputtering.
  • Cover up areas you do not want paint on. This paint is permanent.
  • Use a brush or a cloth to rub the paint into folds and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.
  • When finished using, turn the can upside-down and spray till it sprays clear. Store upside-down in a cup of water for later use.

Now you can get going on your own Fabric Spray Paint project here.